The Interior Design Process- Part 3- Tips & Tools

Today I would like to share a few tips and tools to help you in the interior design process. In my last two posts I shared a project that covered the inspiration, planning and making of Concept, Mood and Sample Boards.  The project also required a Design, Colour and Lighting Rationale as well as a Furniture Book. 

Let’s start with the Rationales. A Rationale is simply an explanation of your design choices and how your designs meet the client brief. If you make a detailed Rationale, you will find it much easier to explain and justify your decisions and product choices to your client. 

I made a Design Rationale page for each project space of the project.  Rather than make three separate Rationales, I included my Lighting and Colour Rationales in with the Design Rationale. If your project requires a lot of lighting planning and design, it is better to make a more detailed Lighting Rationale that includes Lighting Plans with industry standard symbols and explanation. I created this Rationale in my Pages app on iPad. I included The Merryfield logo that I made in the Makr app for iPad. I included the few pages of the Design Rationale in Part 1. I’ll share three more pages from my Rationale in this post. These three pages were made for the living, dining and entryway spaces of the project. 
Writing your Design Rationale:

Remember to-

1.  Reference the brief. What was needed by the client and how does your design address that need? Your design should not only meet the brief aesthetically, but should also function in a way that benefits the client. If your client had a specific concern, be sure to address that concern in detail. 

2. Reference the Concept- How does your design reference your Concept and Mood Boards? When your Sample Board is placed next to your Concept and Mood Boards, the connection between them should be obvious. If you went in a different direction be sure to explain why. 

2. Be descriptive. What are the materials and why were they chosen? How do the products suit the style of architecture? Are the products sustainable or environmentally friendly? How do the products contribute to the scheme? 

Colour Palette How-To:

The above Rationale pages include a Colour Rationale box, each of which features five colours in the scheme. To make the Colour Palette Circles I used:

1. Adobe Capture app for iPad to choose the five colours. It’s a really simple app that allows you to import a photo and use the five circles to zero in on the colours as seen below. I took a screenshot of my digital Concept Board and I used that photo. 

Once you zero in on your five colours, save that colour palette to your camera roll.  You could also just use the saved Palette and use that in your design, without making it into the Circles Palette as I did. This is my saved palette.

One really great feature of Adobe Capture is that once you save a palette, you have the option to see its individual RGB, CMYK, LAB, and HSB properties. This could be really helpful when choosing future paint colours or when having bespoke furniture pieces commissioned. 

2. After I saved my colour palette to my camera roll, I went to my camera roll and took four screenshots of the palette. I then cropped each photo so that I had five individual colours saved, which I then used in the Xircle app for iPad to make five colour circles:

Once you save your colour in the Xircle app you’ll have this:

Now use your five circles in a collage app. I used the PicFrame app. I used a three column collage frame for three of my circles and then again with the remaining two circles. I saved both collages to my camera roll. I put them next to each other in my Pages app and took a screenshot. I then edited that screenshot photo to get this:

On to the Furniture Book! 

You may not need to create a Furniture Book, but it was required for my course hotel project. To make the Furniture Book I used the Cewe Photoworld app for iPad. It’s really simple to use. Select your type of book to make and number of pages and place photos and text where you would like them. Once you have completed your book in the app, simply pay like you would on any website and they will ship it to you. This is my book in the app below:

Here are a few photos of the actual Furniture Book. It great value for money as it was inexpensive and great quality.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

April Guthrie 

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