Guthrie & Kirkwood

Two years ago I finished an amazing interior design course that qualified me as an interior designer. The following summer I went on to start Guthrie & Kirkwood Interior Design, with Elle Kirkwood, who I met on the same course in South East London. We were fortunate to work on four projects in 2016, before my husband and I decided that we would move to Los Angeles in 2017. Since then I have transitioned out of Guthrie & Kirkwood, and Elle will now be running the business solo, although I am still in the loop and helping out on a few things until we make our big move. I will always be grateful for my time at Guthrie & Kirkwood. Running my own interior design business not only gave me great life and business experience, but also taught me so much about working with clients and suppliers. The project that I’m sharing in this post was a really fun one. Our clients were so easy to work with and had such great style, so it really allowed us to push the boat out in terms of colour and furniture choices. The clients felt that the large space was not really being used to its full potential and they really needed a space that would function for them and their kids. The end result reflects the great style of both clients, has storage space for toys, and features an amazing leather sofa. The clients specified that they wanted a large leather sofa, but not in the normal colours that you usually find on leather sofas, and I think we hit this one out of the park! Check out more Guthrie & Kirkwood projects

Photography by the talented Helen Mulvaney Photography

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