Eames House Tour 

I’ve always loved Charles and Ray Eames, so I was over the moon when my husband offered to treat me to guided private interior tour of the Eames House, as a belated birthday gift. Last week we went to Los Angeles, as a holiday and to scout out apartments as we’re hoping to move there in 2017. The Eames House is located in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles. The house is set back on a private road, next to other Case Study houses. If you walk to the edge of the property, you overlook the ocean. It’s an unbelievably peaceful location and you can picture Ray and Charles there, especially as the Eames Foundation has kept the main house exactly as it was when Ray passed. Next to the main house is a second property that looks like the main house and is only separated by a patio area. The second property now houses the Eames Foundation office. The main house is full of exotic trinkets and souvenirs from their travels, as well as pieces from other famous designers such as Noguchi, Nelson, and Girard. Of course it is also home to plenty of designs by Charles and Ray. I love how Charles and Ray created such a wonderful example of modern design, but filled it with things they love. What could have been a stark modern house, was very much a warm modern home with personal pieces, such as a piece of tumbleweed dangling on a string from the ceiling. When I enquired about the tumbleweed I was told that they picked it up on their honeymoon. There was also a package from a friend that they kept unopened, as they felt the wrapping was so beautiful that they couldn’t bring themselves to open it. I’ve included exterior photos that I took at the property, but unfortunately interior photos were not permitted.  



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