It’s All Just Bananas! 

So today we started our first week following the EU Referendum and a lot of us here in the UK are feeling very down about the result. Most of us in London are using words like, “devastated”, “embarrassed”, and “ashamed”. We’re watching the Pound fall to historic lows and dreading the almost certain inflation and recession that will follow. The Prime Minister is resigning and Boris Johnson looms over us like a giant Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon, an overinflated bumbling buffoon of a balloon who will never let the truth stand in his way! So let’s distract ourselves with anything other than our currency app or the news of rising hate crime in Britain! I think the anxiety I’m currently feeling  calls for a mojito and fun wallpaper! I may consider covering my entire house in this amazing B-A-N-A-N-A-S! wallpaper by Flavor Paper! It comes in several colourways, but I love the white (no Brexit jokes please!) and think it would look perfect in a hallway or small cloakroom, like in Tommy Hilfiger’s Miami home that was featured in Architectural Digest. Best of all, you can have it scented! Seriously, scented banana wallpaper is so much better than the sad stench of recession! 



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