The Big Move

My husband and I have decided to make a BIG MOVE. The kind of life-changing big move that keeps you awake at night because your head is filled with anxiety, excitement, and hope. We have always loved our life in London, but we have also wondered if we might enjoy life just as much or even more somewhere else. So we have decided to move to L.A.! I’m American, but Joe is English, so there will be mountains of paperwork and hoops to jump through before he receives his green card, all while navigating the annoying business of selling our house and timing everything so that we can get to the US with our Arne on a transatlantic voyage on the Queen Mary 2! So over the next few months I will be focussing on blogging more and sharing the journey with anyone interested in reading. I think Arne’s House will be a reflection of the life we’re experiencing as we’re in limbo. Once you decide to make a major move, you really start evaluating what needs to go and what needs to stay. As an interior designer, I see so many things that I want, but now I will be asking myself, “Is this something I would actually want to take with me? Is it really that special?”. So here’s to the next few months of anxiety and excitement! 

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