Throwback Thursday Icelandic Edition

Today I’m wishing I was back in Iceland! I know, I should be wishing that Spring weather would find its way to London, but this morning I came across my Iceland photo album! I was reminded of how much we loved our Icelandic holiday. Iceland is hands down the most unearthly, amazing place that you can imagine. The Land of Fire and Ice does not disappoint! We spent a very happy week split between Reykjavik and the northern city of Akureyri. Every day felt like an adventure! We relaxed in the Blue Lagoon, which I highly recommend! Be sure to reserve the VIP Package when booking! We went horse riding just 60 kilometres from the Arctic Circle, which was probably the coldest I have ever been in my life, but so worth it! We went husky sledding with Greenland Huskies, who were beyond sweet! We went caving near Reykjavik, which was a lot more dangerous than we imagined! Yes, there’s a rope to hold on to, but you’re walking on patches of black ice in a dark cave! One of our less dangerous, but favourite nights was when we chased the Northern Lights near Akureyri. It was snowing, but the Northern Lights were so strong that we could see it through the snow. Our tour guide had hot chocolate and homemade doughnuts for the group. We stood on the side of the road next to a herd of Icelandic horses, just enjoying the natural wonder that is Aurora Borealis. Let me just add, when you’re wearing 5 layers in -15 C weather, it always feels like you’re leaving the hotel to do something epic! And if you’re in Iceland, you probably are doing something a bit more epic than usual. Watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory doesn’t really compare to visiting a glacier in a Super Jeep! If you’re looking for a holiday destination, consider Iceland! Bonus: it’s a short flight from the UK!  


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